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The Road to Mining Disrupt 2020

With less than a week until Mining Disrupt, we’re hyped, pumped, jazzed – just all around excited to get in there! If you aren’t familiar with the annual event, we’ve got you covered with an introduction to the conference and what we’re looking forward to seeing.

What is Mining Disrupt? Mining Disrupt is an annual expo and conference held in Miami that brings together innovators, disruptors, and professionals in the crypto mining and bitcoin spheres. It takes place on July 22nd, 2020. This year, due to the pandemic, the conference has moved online for the first time. While we were ready to pack our bags, we think that going online has made it easier for crypto enthusiasts and industry pros to connect at the expo and hear from the best in the business on the future of crypto mining technologies. Mining Disrupt Disrupted The way that Mining Disrupt typically works is in person. With the pandemic confining attendees to their homes, the event planners have come up with a nifty workaround. The conference panels will now be live streamed to ticket holders via secure platform. The expo is even more creative. Mining Disrupt will leverage VirBELA to make the magic happen. This platform allows users to create virtual workspaces and personal avatars similar to Sims. If you’ve signed up for the expo, you’ll get to visit dedicated spaces created by event sponsors and speakers to hear more from them directly. You’ll also get to network with other attendees. You can still secure a ticket to Mining Disrupt right here. Who we’re looking forward to hearing from We’re excited to attend some great panels at Mining Disrupt. Last year, topics ranged from industry standards of mining pools to legal implications of mining in different regions. With so many great panelists and sponsors this year, it’s hard to pick just a few, but here’s who we are most interested in hearing from. ePIC Blockchain Technologies We’re looking forward to hearing from the folks at ePIC Blockchain Technologies. There’s nobody in the industry who is doing things like ePIC. Their bread and butter is custom ASIC solutions and mining rigs. We’re interested to hear their perspective on ASIC innovations over the next 12 months, how they’ve scaled globally from Toronto (our hometown), and the state of the mining landscape in general. Check out their website and their Twitter. SCATE Ventures The guys at SCATE Ventures are the epitome of the bitcoin mining dream. The team went from mining in a garage to a 50,000 square foot warehouse. What’s unique about SCATE is that they are the first immersion cooling mining farm in North America and have a patent pending for an innovative cooling system named the Hash Box System. The exciting new system allows for an individualized cooling optimization for each machine; that’s temp and flow rate for each miner. They say that this helps to increase hash rate and their system is highly efficient. We definitely want to hear more about this and how they work to bring this solution to others. You can find SCATE Ventures on Twitter.

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