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Crypto Ecosystem Spotlight: Choosing the Right Power Supply Unit with Alpha Miner

In the past two weeks, we have written about our friends at SCATE Ventures and Poolin for our Crypto Ecosystem Spotlight series. Both of these great companies offer something that is unique to the crypto community: innovative immersion cooling and the top mining pool in the world!

Now it’s time to take a look at something that you cannot avoid, which is a quality power supply for your mining rig. Your mining rig relies on its power supply to operate consistently, efficiently, and safely. It is impossible to understate just how important a quality (yes, keyword quality) power supply is to your profitability and longevity of your gear.

So, let us explain how you should choose a Power Supply Unit (PSU) and why we think you should select our pals at Alpha Miner.

How to choose the right power supply unit

Simply put, the power supply unit that you purchase will depend on your preferred miner power requirements (which itself depends on the hardware you need for the cryptocurrency you want to mine and its algorithm) and the voltage of your outlets.

Start by selecting your miner and determine its power consumption. For GPU mining you need to look up the power consumption of each graphics card, multiply it by the number of cards, add another 10% for such things as the processor, memory, interfaces, and other components, and put 20% on top of it just in case.

This extra wiggle room will allow you to run the power supply unit at the highest efficiency level and have capacity to mitigate hot temperatures or if you decide to overclock your system more, you can.

Remember that most efficient mining is done at an industrial voltage (216 to 277 VAC), 110 VAC mining is usually unprofitable these days.

While a handful of companies produce power supply units, Alpha Miner does it best. Here’s why…

Meet Alpha Miner

Alpha Miner has been innovating since 2017 to build the highest quality and most reliable power supply units dedicated to professional crypto mining. While the company builds regular PSU’s, the two product lines that stand out to us are their immersion PSU’s and smart PSU’s.

Alpha Miner is the only company that creates specialty immersion PSU’s. Remember that immersion cooling requires for the miners to be submerged in a specially engineered fluid.

Alpha Miners has designed their PSU’s to be used for submersion with the miner itself or for use outside the tank, but with immersion needs requirements addressed. For example, each power supply has its own separate fan switch or a fan blowing air with dust and bugs away from the expensive liquid in the tank.

Remember that bit about mining at an industrial voltage? All Alpha Miner PSU’s are designed and built for industrial-grade mining and feature 180-300 VAC input power requirements. For ASIC miners the power consumption should be displayed on the manufacturer’s website or you can Google your specific model.

Speaking of their smart PSU’s, Alpha Miners does this best. Most of the new generation ASIC miners have PSU’s factory attached to the miner and use variable power output following the commands of the miner controller. Alpha Miner developed their first smart product a year ago upon a request from Canaan Creative for it’s Avalon 10XX series ASIC’s, and now is working on Super High Wattage (up to 7500W) PSU’s for use in Bitmain S17/T17 series BTC miners with aftermarket FW, allowing to make these machines much more profitable.

Alpha Miner also builds professional GPU chassis – 4U rackmount systems featuring a professional server case, riserless motherboard for 8 cards, memory, Alpha Miner PSU, and everything else needed for GPU mining except for the actual graphics cards themselves.

In fact, Alpha Miner chassis is so good, they have been used by the two largest GPU mining companies in the world – Hive Blockchain Technologies and Genesis Mining.

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