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Dispatch from Mining Disrupt 2020

Another successful conference from Mining Disrupt is in the books. The BUYMINERS.CA team attended Mining Disrupt for the first time and, while we were looking forward to two days in the Miami sun, the virtual event went off without a hitch.

We talked about the virtual reality Virbela software that the organizers used instead of an in-person experience in our Road to Disrupt blog post, so we won’t spend too much time on that. However, we loved the artificial environment and realistic meeting rooms that made networking extremely simple!

So, without further ado, here were the highlights of Mining Disrupt according to our staff.


BitRiver owns and operates the largest crypto mining facility in Russia. Their data center is located in the Irkutsk region of Russia where the cooler temperature and cheap electricity make for optimal mining operations. We were glad to have a chance to chat with BitRiver’s Scott Hancock to get a better sense of their operations.

BitRiver has 80 employees serving clients from around the world. Their facility has 27,000 miners operating around the clock with a capacity for 67,000 total.

We were interested to speak to Scott about BitRiver’s future and their differentiators. We learned that their ability to overclock and cool their mining operation was a key differentiator for them, in addition to the Innosilicon and Bitmain certified specialists on premises who ensure that everything is running smoothly without interruption.


Poolin is the largest cryptocurrency mining pool globally and their BTC, LTC, and ZEC hashrate has been ranked first in the world.

We heard from Alejandro De La Torre who explained exactly what Poolin does and why they should be miners’ number one choice when picking a pool to join.

Poolin’s unique specialization is a hashrate auto-switch technology. The optional auto-switch tool is algorithmic and works by switching to higher-yielding cryptocurrency on the fly. According to Poolin, this causes their members to earn 0.6% more on average than those who do not use the tool. You can read more about that on their blog post titled Poolin’s Hashrate Auto-Switch.

Alpha Miner

The folks at Alpha Miner are experts in Power Supply Units (PSUs) for professional mining rigs, in addition to manufacturing custom rackmount server cases.

This year, we didn’t get a chance to hear from the team at Alpha Miner. However, Michael Savuskan, CEO of Alpha Miner, spoke at Mining Disrupt last year about PSUs and what you should do to avoid power supply unit related financial losses in cryptomining.

The main thing that Michael tried to drive home is that you shouldn’t try to save money on your rig by purchasing lower quality hardware and equipment with which we happily agree!

We’re interested to know how the company will grow and adapt as ASIC miners become more and more powerful in the near future.

SCATE Ventures

We mentioned SCATE Ventures in our Road to Mining Disrupt blog post and we were glad to get a chance to speak to their team.

Immersion cooling is an absolute game changer and SCATE certainly knows the game. Their facility is the first and largest of its scale in North America, claiming to increase mining potential 25-55%.

As mining technology changes over time, we’re looking forward to seeing how SCATE scales their business further, innovates, and increases ROI for their clients.

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