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8 Best Benefits of a Cooling Fan or Simulator in a Crypto Mining Rig

All types of computers produce heat as they consume electricity and move it around their hardware. While you probably won’t think such small chips could create that much heat, they do! And not all crypto mining cooling fans are created equal.

The circuits are layered and compact in the chips, and with electricity traveling through them at the speed of light, a lot of heat is produced. Additionally, the power supply generates heat as it supplies power to the computer. Processors, RAM, graphics cards, and other components have advanced, which has increased speed and power consumption. However, the amount of heat produced by these components does impact the normal functioning of the device. Anything that runs with that amount of energy creates a lot of heat, which is why cooling fans in crypto mining rigs are so significant for computers, especially the ones utilizing high-end graphics processing units (GPU).

So, what is a cooling fan? In short, a cooling fan is hardware that keeps a computer system cool by flowing air to or from a component or the computer. The speed of a fan is estimated in air cycles per minute, or RPM (revolutions per minute).

Purpose of a Cooling Fan

Cooling the Computer

The role of the cooling fan in a crypto mining rig is to move cooler air into the computer to cool down the hardware, especially the CPU and GPU. If the CPU or GPU get too hot, they will often lock the computer, leading to shut down and reboot, resulting in missed blocks. If the computer doesn’t have a thermal check function, overheating could even cause a fire! That’s much worse than missed blocks.

Prevents Damage

All computer components must be kept within a predetermined temperature range to avoid overheating, malfunction, instability. A cooling fan can prevent all this damage, thereby ensuring a longer lifespan of components and computers.

Benefits of Cooling Fan

There are different types of cooling fans including case fan, CPU fan, video card fan, power supply fan etc. However, case fans are more in demand as they are all-purpose. A case fan is connected to the front, back, or side of the computer case. It circulates air in the computer case as well as blows out hot air from the computer and power supply. It can be easily attached using snap-in brackets, screws, or both. If you’re installing a case fan on the back or the side of the computer case, make sure you use four screws to securely place the fan.

Upgrades Performance

A regular static pressure fan moves air at 50-100 CFM (cubic feet every moment). A high airflow static pressure fan from BUYMINERS.CA moves air up to an incredible 150 CFM (cubic feet every moment) to enhance the stability in systems that require utmost cooling power. This ensures the best performance.

Easy Installation

Just keep it near a radiator grill or hard drive cage, switch it on, and fix it with screws. Some high airflow case fans have a power draw of 6.6 W. You can even attach a cooling fan into a 12 V battery.

Cooling to Rely on

With 50,000 hours of hassle-free performance, a dual ball-bearing case fan can like the one from BUYMINERS.CA last for countless years keeping your crypto mining rig running consistently. Thermoplastic PBT blades won’t distort and they move air better, which provides better cooling.

Environment Friendly

Cooling fans are fully RoHS compliant which ensures less harm to the environment. They’re even stylish and affordable.

However, a fan simulator can replace the presence of a cooling fan, which makes the miner think that the fan is operating perfectly. Simply remove the fan and connect the fan simulator!

Benefits of Fan Simulator


What is a fan simulator? In short, a fan simulator is a small device that can replace cooling fans. But who would want to remove a cooling fan after all of those warnings we wrote about? Well, you can remove the fans if you’re using oil submersion to cool your device as they’re not required in the cooling system. It’s a perfect device that can add to the value of a Bitcoin mining hardware kit.

Simply Plug-In

It doesn’t need any programming or configuration, so simply plug it in! It permits the miner to run the device error-free by sending a fan sense, a tachometer signal, to the miner’s controller tricking. This causes it to believe that it has fans connected and fully working.

Oil Immersion

Bitcoin/Crypto miners like the Antminer S17+, S17, S15, S11, and S9 need powerful cooling systems. Miners covered with dielectric oil or 3M Novec guarantees a cooler environment. Fans can run at max speed and likewise, the RPM can be adjusted anytime.

Less Power Consumption

Fan simulators are very efficient. They run up to 12 V and 0.09 W power. They consume less power to function, which makes them more economical than a fan. This is appropriate for Bitcoin Mining Machines, Mining Rigs, or devices that utilize 4pin connectors.


As the cooling fan moves the air pulled in from outside the computer, it additionally pulls dust present in the air. Layers of dust can be formed on the chips, which cause more heat. It is always recommended that you open and clean out the dust often to prevent damage to your computer. Check out some of the cooling fans and fan simulators in stock at BUYMINERS.CA and reach out to our team with any questions, day or night.


BUYMINERS is your one-stop shop for quality parts and equipment for use in remote desktop computing, crypto-mining, and video streaming. We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders, expert online support seven days a week, and dedicated account managers ready to find a solution to any issue. You can even find us on Amazon.

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