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3 best ways to use an HDMI dummy plug or display emulator

We know it’s a little bit silly to have to read so much about a product that’s as simple to use as a dummy plug. However, we want to make sure that our clients know exactly how our HDMI display emulator, also known as an HDMI dummy plug, can be put to good use in different scenarios. After all, the HDMI dummy plug has more than one purpose. If you’ve struggled with issues related to remote desktop computing, underperforming GPUs, or low hashrate then read on to learn what an HDMI dummy plug is and the top 3 ways to use it.

What is an HDMI dummy plug?

There is a short answer and a long answer, so please bear with us.

The short “explain it to me like I’m 5” answer is that our HDMI dummy plug is a tiny adaptor (half the size of a USB key) that plugs into the HDMI port of a graphics card to make your computer think that a display is connected and make it process things faster. Now for the longer answer, which answers why anyone would want to use a computer without a display.

Computer displays connect into graphics processing units (GPUs) which originated to render video and accelerate graphics and gaming. However, the 2000s have found new uses for GPUs and solutions to everything requiring efficient and fast processing power. This includes things like crypto-mining, rendering complex simulations, high-resolution video game streaming and VR gaming, and remote computing. When a display is plugged into the HDMI port of a GPU, it sends a signal that tells it that the time has come to do some hard work. This signal kicks it into high gear, simultaneously processing complex problems at once. Using our HDMI dummy plug accomplishes the same thing, but for a tiny fraction of the price, and takes up a fraction of the space that a display does, making this “headless display” or “ghost display” the simplest solution to low processing power.

So, how does the BUYMINERS.CA HDMI dummy plug work in the wild, with specific examples? We have the answers below.

What is an HDMI dummy plug’s purpose?

Improve your Twitch stream with an HDMI dummy plug

Are you a Twitch streamer with a low-resolution video feed? Our HDMI dummy plug might be your solution. You can optimize your stream easily by plugging our dummy plug into a dedicated GPU. Once you’ve done that just point your OBS to the “ghost display.” The only thing standing in your way will be the limit of your GPU since the HDMI display emulator renders up to 4K.

Increase your crypto mining hashrate with an HDMI dummy plug

If you’ve experienced an unstable, underperforming hashrate with your mining rigs, try using our HDMI display emulator.

If your mining rig relies on multiple GPUs, you’ll want them working at capacity without rebooting and losing out on blocks. The best way to eliminate crashes and improve hashrates is to use HDMI dummy plugs in place of cumbersome displays. This keeps your rig working at capacity and within a smaller space. Of course, the more GPUs your rig uses, the more you will need to invest in cooling.

Gain remote access to your computer at a 4K resolution

There are some common issues with remote access. One problem is the black screen you get after accessing a computer remotely with a display that’s turned off. Or you can get stuck in low-resolution limbo after TeamViewer defaulted to a useless resolution. A solution to these problems is to use our HDMI dummy plug and display up to 4K resolution without a 4K monitor. Just plug it into your video card and all available resolutions will be available to you.


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