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Chassis Fan Hub

CPU Cooling 10 Port 12V Molex to PWM Connector with 3 & 4 Pin

  • Manages Multiple Fans – If your motherboard lacks fan interfaces, our PWM fan hub is the neat and tidy way to expand. The 12V fan controller accurately controls 4-pin fan speed from a single case input

  • Cooling when you need it – Quiet when you don’t. The red port on our PWM fan controller allows the operating system to adjust fan speed based on temps. The PWM fan hub then matches the power level for the other ports

  • Easy Installation – Just plug the Molex fan controller into the motherboard and connect to the PSU. Double-sided adhesive mounts the PC fan hub to any flat surface and the screw hole allows it to be fixed to the chassis

  • No frills, all function – Strong wire connections and clean sleeving are part of our simple, cost effective design. Take care during installation to avoid bending the pins and capacitor

Where to Shop:

BUYMINERS.CA specializes in computer accessories and works closely with our manufacturers to deliver products of the highest quality. Each product goes through rigorous quality control checks and inspections before packaging.


Our PC Fan Hub – Molex is an excellent product that will deliver results when there aren’t enough computer fan connectors on a motherboard. Perfect for running multiple fans, our 4 pin fan controller makes adjusting fan speed a breeze. 3 Pin fans can be used in our case fan controller, but will stay at a fixed speed since they have no pwm function. If you don’t want to use a dedicated CPU port for fan control you can always use the bios if your motherboard provides that option.


This 10 channel fan controller hub comes with double sided tape on the back for mounting and an optional hole if you prefer to mount it with a screw. Take care when plugging in your Molex fan power.

Rest easy knowing you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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