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4K HDMI Dummy Plug 

High Resolution Virtual Monitor Display Emulator

  • New Generation HDMI Headless Adapter – Run your computer ‘headless’ with our 4K HDMI display simulator. Hardware accelerated remote desktop access at high resolutions, up to 3840×2160@60Hz & 1080@120Hz

  • Plug & Play – No drivers, no software, no power cables or configuration required. The latest technology requires extremely low power and emits negligible heat

  • Supports all Systems – This small device fits into the HDMI output and will work with any graphics card without compatibility issues. It is a must-have for colocation farms, home/SOHO servers and remote-deployed headless PCs

  • Unlock the Potential – Works with PC Windows, Mac, Mac Mini OSX, Linux or on any HDMI enabled computer. Perform high resolution hardware accelerated remote desktop and GPGPU operations like crypto currency mining, video rendering and simulations

  • This is not an HDMI receiver

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BUYMINERS.CA specializes in computer accessories and works closely with our manufacturers to deliver products of the highest quality. Each product goes through rigorous quality control checks and inspections before packaging.

The HDMI Display Emulator is a small, low-cost DVI EDID Dummy Plug that emulates a high resolution display to make the computer run “headless” (without a keyboard, mouse, and monitor). By simulating the presence of an attached display, the emulator allows you to use all of the power and available resolutions locked away inside your graphics hardware, which might otherwise be disabled when there is no screen available.

Once the HDMI Dummy Plug is attached to the video output socket in your computer, your operating system will detect a connected display that enables the GPU external adapter. It appears as a headless ghost display in OS graphics card adapter plug properties window for easy identification. GPU hardware is often disabled until a display is attached resulting in poor performance and a limited working resolution for remote users. With the GPU enabled, it is possible to play games and stream as well as enjoy native high resolution remote desktop access for workstations, and provide stability to crypto currency mining rigs.

Works with PCs, Mac Mini, Intel NUC and any other device with HDMI output. HDMI 2.0, rx460, GTX1050 or above is required for 4K.

Rest easy knowing you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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